Meet George Lymbers, the Aged Care Industry Advisor on the Nexon Group Team

Nexon_Praxa_Aged care_Nevien_George interview

The Aged Care industry is facing unprecedented change. We know this as consumers – Aged Care touches most of our families at some point – and we know this from our customers who are navigating these challenges.

The government is leading the change with the introduction of the Consumer Directed Care (CDC) initiative. CDC is in place for home care packages and, in the near future, will also be offered in independent living and high-care facilities.

For Aged Care providers this is driving internal transformation. The IT and finance teams are managing new reporting and data management obligations, the frontline staff  are demanding new capabilities to support better quality care of care as once friendly neighbours become competition. As such, Aged Care providers need to be more-customer centric than ever before – and they know that this starts with a single view of the customer.

Nexon – and our applications division Praxa – has been working in partnership with our Aged Care customers to help support this change while retaining their quality of care. We are investing in the industry not only through our focus on creating new technology solutions but also through the team we are developing around this.

A key part of this team is George Lymbers – Nexon’s Aged Care industry advisor and most recently the CIO of Baptist Care (NSW/ACT). George is integral to Nexon’s internal education and focus, and is helping to shape the Aged Care solutions we are taking to market.

Here is a little more about him.

Q: Tell us a little about your background

  • I’ve been held various Technology Leadership roles across industries for the last 20+ years where my focus has been to deliver tangible business transformation and innovation through technology. This includes technology and business improvement programs for organisations such as KPMG, ANZ, Westpac, Optus and American Express.
  • While I have a broad industry experience, it is my time in the not-for-profit sector that is perhaps the most personally rewarding. Prior to working with Nexon, I was the CIO of Baptist Care (NSW/ACT) and the Chairman of the IT Committee for Baptist Care Australia. I implemented various technology-led efficiency, digital transformation project that included mobility and automation projects with the ultimate aim of delivering people-centred care.

Q: The Aged Care industry is undergoing a lot of change, what do you think are the biggest priorities/challenges for Aged Care CIOs?

  • The Aged Care industry, whether it is not-for-profit or for profit, is heading fast into a competitive environment that will demand fast, agile and cost effective technology solutions that are scalable and “Self Service” orientated. This includes systems that effectively track the client journey through various levels of care – from home care, to independent living and onto a high-care facility.It’s an exciting time to be a CIO in Aged Care. IT is no longer about back-office stuff (a few applications, the HR system, the finance system), it is about helping to enable quality of care and supporting the business in being both compliant and competitive.Some of the key drivers are:

Cost control. Understanding that the organisation must be financial sustainable, the CIO MUST be able to show value to the business and ensure that the technology also adds value to – rather than detracts from – the services.

Digital Revolution. The new marketing paradigm is driving a deeper customer engagement and having a single view of customer data is critical. The CIO MUST be able to deliver scalable Mobility, IoT and online service offerings that create a seamless staff and customer experience, that is available anywhere any time and on any device. Self-service is key!

Agility. The Technology division can no longer be “back office” running on traditional operating processes. It must move fast to become a “front office” service provider that works in real time with the business and responds to – and plans for –  market trends and pressures.

Mobility. Smart tools that enables the mobile workforce to access information and effectively and efficiently collaborate with colleagues, are no longer optional. Business technology solutions such as unified communications and other corporate applications need to become part of the toolkit.

Security and Privacy. As the increasingly mobile world becomes more susceptible to data leaking, security will be top of mind for any CIO – and particularly for one that manages such a high volume of personal and customer information.

Relevancy.  The CIO MUST drive change and provide service excellence to their customers, this is critical to the survival not only the IT department but to the organisation as well. A key part of this is managing Shadow IT and uncontrolled cloud based initiatives outside of a corporate IT Strategy – if left unmanaged these can be disastrous to the organisation.

Q: What attracted you to the role at Nexon?

  • I was impressed with what the team at Nexon / Praxa are doing when they created the Absolute Aged Care product and the plans they had for it. It is refreshing to see a business technology service provider dedicate funds and people to build solutions from an Aged Care / not-for-profit perspective rather than driving generic technology solutions.This made it easy to consider and accept a role with the team and to work with an organisation that is keen to disrupt its own industry. Taking to market a customer-led solution as opposed to a technology-led solution is also a lot more meaningful for all who are involved.

Q: What does your average day look like? How do you do what you do?

  • My focus is to ensure that the business has an in-depth understanding of the unique pressures and challenges experienced by its clients in the Aged Care and NFP sectors, and that this is reflected in the solutions we take to market.I spend quality time with the marketing team discussing product development and work with the account team to help them understand the unique challenges of Aged Care providers challenges and to tailor the right business technology solution for the client. I also meet with our Aged Care customers to ensure we address their individual requirements in the solutions we create.

Q: And the best thing about the role?

  • It’s the opportunity to make a difference in the industry – albeit from the ‘other side’. I now have the opportunity to shape and develop technologies that are meaningful to the industry as a whole. And the Nexon and Praxa team are great people – that’s very important.

If you would like to know more about how we are helping Aged Care organisations navigate through change while retaining quality of care, please get in touch.