What is the most powerful ERP?

5 November 2014 by ERP

By Steve Liliopoulos

Without a doubt Microsoft Dynamics GP. Having worked for 7 years at Microsoft as the Dynamics GP product manager I can say that Dynamics GP is a very powerful and robust ERP system that will deliver tremendous business benefits and then some, with unrivaled value for money. 

So what is Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains)? 

Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) is the most powerful ERP & accounting system on the market that is designed to meet the needs of growing companies at a price you can afford. From financial management to e-commerce, supply chain management to reporting and analysis, this integrated solution can help you gain accurate and timely business insight that you need to make smart strategic decisions.


Here are 10 reasons why you would need Dynamics GP for your organisation:

  1. Executive Dashboards. Enables access to key business metrics to make decisions quickly and take action with deep visibility using key performance indicators and the Executive Centre. Perform ad-hoc queries with Excel report templates, based on more than 200 SmartList favourites that can be stored on SharePoint Server and instantly refreshed.
  2. Adapt to the changing needs: Microsoft Dynamics GP offers out-of-the-box functionality, so you can get up and running quickly but still be able to adapt the changing needs of your business.
  3. Drives your business productivity: Microsoft Dynamics GP enables you to rapidly integrate and automate your financial and operational processes. It enhances the ability of your employees, vendors and customers to exchange information and share insights across your business.
  4. Familiar to your people: Microsoft Dynamics GP is easy to learn and easy to use because it is designed to look like and work with the other Microsoft solutions you and your employees use every day — Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Office Word, and Microsoft Office Excel & MS Office 365.
  5. Role based user experience: Provide users with an individualized, task-centric experience based on pre-defined, customisable role templates and customisable information views.
  6. Highly Scalable. Microsoft Dynamics GP has proven scalability to at least 1,000 users and offers strong functionality across financials, distribution, service, project accounting. Has also strong integration’s with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Saleforce.com. This ensures ERP will keep pace with your business growth. 
  7. Deep Rich Functionality. Strong, industry-leading functionality across financials, distribution, manufacturing, and integrated CRM to help ensure that this is a solution you will not easily outgrow.
  8. Proven Return on Investment (ROI). Independent studies by Nucleus Research find that 87% of Microsoft Dynamics GP small and medium-sized business customers achieved a positive ROI from their deployment with an average payback period of 21 months, and found that 71% of enterprise customers had achieved a positive ROI with an average payback of 23 months.
  9. Workflow and Unified Search: Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers powerful workflow capabilities and unified search capabilities uniting structured data (from within Microsoft Dynamics GP) and unstructured data (from documents and data outside of Microsoft Dynamics GP) when deployed with Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server.
  10. Strong Compliance Functionality: Including GL Account Level security features and compliance with IAS, along with strong audit trail capabilities throughout the system.