Database Managed Services

Database management and optimisation services

Peace of Mind and Optimal Performance

In partnership with SQL Services, Praxa is pleased to offer our customers a range of database managed services to help you ensure your SQL Server and Oracle databases are in the best of health and performing at optimal levels to give your business the best levels of database performance.

Database management services from Praxa and SQL Services enable enterprises to ensure support and continuity to the most business-critical and complex applications. Being a managed service, enterprises can save time and costs while still ensuring continuity and business uptime. Our teams have decades of experience managing large enterprises databases like Oracle and Microsoft SQL server.

Managed Service

Praxa’s partnership with SQL Services offers you services to provide confidence that the underlying database environment supporting your business systems are running at their optimal level 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, in fact every minute of every day.

We offer three levels of support, each include monitoring, reporting and access to the SQL Services Secure Portal.

SQL Services - Gold Tier Service

Tailored for companies that want to outsource full management of their database activities.

SQL Services - Silver Tier Service

Tailored for companies that require assistance with day-to-day database activities but who still like to be “hands-on” with some management.

SQL Services - Bronze Tier Service

Tailored for companies that want peace of mind that their databases are being monitored by a team of experts who are only a phone call away, however the list of support services is limited with more tasks delegated to in-house resource.

SQL Services secured online portal

Professional Services

Professional Service

It is vitally important to ensure that SQL Server and Oracle database requirements are considered at the beginning of any project to ensure the database environments are correctly configured for optimal performance.

The underlying database is the foundation upon which many critical business systems are built so whether you are considering implementing a new business application, upgrading your existing ones or considering a move to the cloud, talk to us about how we can assist you with a pre migration review or database health check.

Ensuring that your Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle environment is secure, recoverable and optimised to support the business applications is critical to your business.

Talk to us today about our SQL or Oracle managed services and how we can provide you with peace of mind.