Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems integrate internal and external information across the entire organisation. This typically embraces: finance/accounting, sales, service, and back office such as supply, stock control etc. ERP software brings all of these functions onto a single system. The end result being to facilitate the flow of information between business areas based on a common approach. Because businesses grow and people change, the reality is that most organisations end up supporting multiple software systems and processes with little integration between each other.

With a focus on the mid sized market, Praxa delivers Microsoft based solutions that benefit your organisation in the following ways:

  • Integrate all core business applications across your entire business regardless of location. Stop maintaining expensive legacy systems. Save costs. Break down those information silos!
  • Designed to bring a common approach to reporting or a single source of truth to facilitate better decision making based on information from the whole business.
  • Mobile so as to allow you to access information regardless of your location, time of day.
  • Simple straightforward design to encourage greater use by staff. Modular design ensures you only use and pay for functions that you need.

Our ERP team can help you improve your current reporting, improve customer service levels via our Microsoft operational management solutions or implement a suitable ERP tool designed specifically for your industry.

Contact us to find out more about which specific ERP solutions we offer including smarter operational management for companies with field based service teams.