Mobile Connectivity for ERP


Let Praxa help you unleash your productivity potential with mobile technology.

One rapidly emerging trend in the broader marketplace is the utilisation of mobile technologies as tools to improve service delivery, employee utilisation and customer satisfaction. Through the partnership with our customers Praxa is at the forefront of leveraging these technologies for organisations, and we want to show you how.

Given our organisation strong ties to the HVAC community we are in the process of finalising events around Australia, that will focus on best practice in the areas of service delivery, workforce availability and accessibility. The implementation of these processes and solutions will deliver greater efficiency, speed to service and a competitive edge in your market place.  We will address:

  • How to provide your field technicians the information they need to get the job done correctly and efficiently, thereby maximising customer satisfaction,
  • How to leverage your technicians as a tremendous revenue source, empower and enhance their daily tasks, such as alerting new service calls to the field, resolution tracking and initiating new service work orders,
  • How to provide secure, dynamic and personalised customer access to their data. Enable them to see their call statuses, equipment histories, contract details, project updates, and submit their own service requests, greatly enhancing their customer service experience while reducing your operational costs.

As the rollout of this program is finalised we will follow this communication with a personal call inviting you to participate in this initiative.  If you can’t wait, or want to ensure that you are guaranteed attendance please don’t hesitate to contact any of our team.