Moving to Microsoft Dynamics GP


What are the business drivers behind upgrading your financial systems?

As your organisation evaluates an upgrade path from Microsoft Dynamics GP, three (3) primary business drivers should be considered;

Application Support

Microsoft, like most software companies, implements a seemingly rigid support model for organisations. As published policy Microsoft will provide support for the current release of a given technology, as well as two prior releases. Primarily this approach is used to manage the internal costs associated with supporting multiple versions of a given technology set and to improve customer satisfaction by providing additional features and functions in newer releases.

While Praxa will continue to support your application usage requirements, maintaining a supported software version with Microsoft must be a critical component in your risk mitigation strategy. Why? As we all know, there are numerous components needed to support an effective IT operation. Unfortunately, from time to time, elements of this infrastructure fail. Storage is corrupted, motherboards fail, memory errors are experienced or we are exposed to new security threats, to name a few. Once application support is unavailable, these seemingly routine occurrences could have a significant impact on your accounting environment, and as such, your ability to support your organisation. New patches are not going to be released; new drivers for storage, motherboards or memory will not be delivered, security vulnerabilities will not be closed. Overcoming these sorts of challenges, while achievable in most instances, is expensive, unbudgeted and carry potentially significant indirect costs. Additionally, this approach does nothing to change your organisations risk profile moving forward.

Regular, planned and managed upgrades to your application infrastructure must become a critical element of your departmental processes if these risks are to be mitigated.

Additional Capabilities

Microsoft has added significant new functionality in Dynamics GP 2015. Some previously chargeable options have been included in the standard product, while exciting new functional enhancements are also delivered. Some key deliverables include:

  • Web Client: This is another one that is huge. You can imagine now that no more client installs will be required. This has the potential to save significant time for the IT organisation that will no longer need to upgrade multiple clients, or apply multiple Service Packs. Moving forward a single web client enables many users to access GP wherever they are.
  • Email functionality: Email functionality is now included as standard within Microsoft Dynamics GP effectively eliminating the need for third party technologies such as Email Pro. This solution provides for tighter integration and eliminates additional maintenance and support fees previously paid by your organisation.
  • Reconciling Inventory to GL: If you have been constantly challenged with reconciling your company’s’ inventory, Dynamics GP now uses Excel to reconcile Inventory back to the GL. This is automated by Dynamics GP using Excel and shows all transactions that have been matched and highlights records that are partially matched or missing. You can easily trace this back into GP to find missing transactions.
  • Word Templates for Sales Order Processing. If you can use MS Word you can now design your own Sales documents such as sales order processing, back orders and sales order picking tickets. This not only saves on the previous costs for producing these reports, but also leads to greater levels of self-sufficiency moving forward.
  • Naming System Database: Organisations can now have multiple instances of a Dynamics GP on a single instance of MS SQL Server. This allows the IT organisation to now consolidate the number of SQL Servers they are managing, saving costs on the management of multiple environments and minimizing the complexities of data management/replication.
  • Business Analyser for your home page: The previous metrics area on the home page has been replaced by business analyser giving users the ability to select and view SQL Reporting services reports in Microsoft Dynamics GP from your desktop. You can perform actions such as editing, select the companies you want to view, even share reports with your contacts in Lync.

Simplified Licensing

A new licensing model called “Perpetual Licensing” came into effect replacing the existing BE & AM Licensing structure with a new Starter Pack and Extended Pack configuration.

The Starter Pack includes Advanced Analysis Cubes, Analytical Accounting, Bank Reconciliation, Business Portal, Customer/Vendor Consolidation, Extended Pricing, Fixed Assessment Management, General ledger, Intercompany Processing, Inventory Control, Landed Costs, Multi-Bin, Multicurrency, National Accounts, Payables Management, Purchase Order Processing, Receivable’s Management, Refund Cheques, Sales order Processing, Smartlist Builder and more.

The Extended Pack includes Business Intelligence & Reporting, Microsoft Forecaster, Distribution Suite, Returns Management, Manufacturing Suite, Project Accounting and more.

In addition to the Starter and Extended Pack there are new Limited Users that can have Read-Only access to Dynamics GP, these Limited Users are provided at a much lower cost than a Full License.

These licensing options will benefit customers in different ways and is contingent on an organisations existing license structure.


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