Payroll, HR and OHS Management Solutions


If your company needs a powerful payroll system then HR3pay is exactly what you need; flexible, easy to use, MS-SQL Server and more. HR3pay is a cost effective payroll solution for all businesses. HR3pay is built on a Client/Server platform and boasts many outstanding features. Use of N-tier architecture means using popular databases such as MS SQL Server and Interbase is as simple as turning on a flag.

Being an MDI (Multiple Document Interface) application, users can perform multiple tasks at the same time (you can even process a payroll while others are logged in). A wide range of integrated management tools are included to assist you to perform your duties more accurately and effectively. The award winning and powerful report writer contains over 250 reports. HR3pay uses technology to automate many time-consuming tasks i.e. payslips can be automatically emailed, superannuation payments can be made electronically, electronic links to general ledger, interfaces to time & attendance, rostering, HRM and OH&S. Best of all, HR3pay comes with a standard GLI (General Ledger Interface) to YOUR ACCOUNTING PACKAGE. Which means all your payroll ledger information is electronically transferred reducing errors and time.

  • ADpack
    This optional HR3pay module comes loaded with many advanced features. Users can plug-in many optional modules including concurrent multi-user, system task manager, forward dated leave management, multi-level security, advanced costing splits and more.
  • HRpack
    This optional HR3pay module gives the user a fully-integrated Human Resource Management System. Users can build organisation charts, record training, skills, employee performance, issued property and more.
  • OHSpack
    This optional HR3pay module gives the user a fully-integrated Occupational Health & Safety Management System. Users can build their organisation’s Location details, record incidents, hazards, audits, committee activity, plant & equipment details and much more.
  • ARpack
    This optional HR3pay module includes with a custom report builder and advanced reporting features for cross-tab and array reporting and graphical display options.
  • HR3kiosk
    This optional HR3pay add-on is an internet-based EMSS (Employee Manager Self Service) system that can reduce paperwork and queries and help streamline employee related business processes. The HR3kiosk lets employee’s request leave online, view balances; view payslips maintain basic and contact details and more.