Invoice Management

Ditch your complex invoice process

Almost 75 percent of invoices involve paper. That’s a lot of time that your team spends collecting, matching, submitting, approving and paying those paper-based invoices. An automated solution can cut costs by as much as 70 percent.

To help our customers improve on this age old process, Praxa recommends the Concur Invoice Management solution.


of invoices involve paper

Invoice Management

Concur gives you a single platform for managing travel, expense and invoice processing. Concur® Invoice Management Professional Edition helps you efficiently manage your spend from authorisation to supplier payment eliminating paper and reducing costs.

Ensure purchase requisitions and invoices follow your organisation’s approval processes through automated workflows

Flexible requisition, purchase order, invoice and reporting capabilities mean you’re in control

Eliminate manual tasks through automated end-to-end processes

Support the pre-approval process with sophisticated PO matching

Improve visibility through complete analysis of spend

Support from Praxa and Concur Invoice experts for you and your end-users


Expedite Processing

Expedite processing

Reduce bottlenecks and delays with an automated end-to-end cycle.

Gain Visibility

Gain visibility

Invoice Management can help transform employee spend data into effective decision-making information.

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs

Control company spending.

Concur Invoice Management

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