Service Management Solution


Access Customer Location, Equipment, Maintenance Contract and Call History information about your customers that will allow your team to make informed decisions when taking a Service Call. From a single point of access a dispatcher, call center member or service manager can easily determine the customer’s status, and history; flagging any exceptions on the account.

  • Entering time and expense once to apply cost and create billing on a work order using the same entry to create payroll.
  • Visibility into inventory levels that can be tracked and applied to work orders
  • Analyze costs that will gain insight into your profit margins
  • Easily evaluate the costs and profitability of your projects and variance-to-budget analysis allowing you to drill down into detail
  • Single point of data entry as every cost and billing transaction is built on a Microsoft ERP solution

Integrating your financial and service management systems will allow your organisation to:

Enhance your customer satisfaction by ensuring consistent quality of service

Improve operational efficiencies by ensuring always the right task is assigned to the right person with the right parts

Reduce administration time and cost by streamlining your invoice process resulting in more accurate and timely contract billing


Service Management solution for Mechanical Contractors

How you service your customers matters. It always will. It is all about how your business can find ways of servicing your customers in a way that differentiates you from your competitors.

Built for the Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning (HVAC) market, MobileTech™ from WennSoft is the leading mobile service management tool that, linked with Microsoft Dynamics GP™, enables organisations such as AE Smith to streamline and improve their service operations by having a single integrated financial and service management system.

MobileTech™ is used within the heating ventilation air conditioning market as well as fire and intruder detection, industrial mechanical services and commercial goods service providers.