SWITCHgate – Telecom Middleware


Telecom System Integration Infrastructure

SWITCHgate is a Generic, Component Based, System Integration solution infrastructure developed by Praxa for the Telecommunications industry. It reflects Praxa’s experience from continuous involvement in development and support of telecom middleware solutions since 1993.

In the Telecom domain SWITCHgate provides middleware for service activation, subscriber provisioning and back office/network ops maintenance operations.

SWITCHgate solutions typically form the fulfillment/service provisioning middleware between upstream OSS/BSS systems (Order Management, Billing, Inventory, Network Ops etc) and telephony network elements (mobile, fixed, IN, VOIP), VAS gateways, other vendor/reseller systems etc.

SWITCHgate solution defines and projects abstract view of telecom services to be provisioned on downstream network elements, and makes these projections accessible to upstream OSS/BSS systems over generic provisioning interfaces.

SWITCHgate solutions have been implemented for Telecom vendors in Australia (SingTel-Optus), the UK (Energis) and New Zealand (Vodafone NZ).

C++ (core) Java (web & database)
SWITCHgate components are designed to run in a Unix/Linux environment.

SWITCHgate infrastructure has evolved with focus on telecom middleware domain, with continual refactoring for optimal distribution of functionality and configuration control, enhancements and refinements to keep up with technology, and to address changing requirements.

SWITCHgate is a component based generic solution infrastructure based on the principles of

  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

    SWITCHgate relies on service-orientation as its fundamental design principle.

    SWITCHgate core is a meta-data based definition of abstract services covering all supported provisioning, activation and data access functions.

    SWITCHgate services can be accessed over a variety of generic interfaces such as web services, xml and custom messaging, SQL and APIs.

    Scalable and flexible SWITCHgate solutions are implemented by orchestrating prebuilt process components that are integrated with services meta-data.

  • Message Oriented Middleware (MOM)

    SWITCHgate is message-oriented both in its external interaction as well as its internal architecture.

    SWITCHgate interacts with external systems over generic messaging protocols that conform to SWITCHgate service meta-data and received messages are validated against defined services.

    Internally SWITCHgate process components communicate over an efficient transport independent messaging infrastructure that is integrated with services meta-data.

  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

    SWITCHgate middleware is designed on the principles of EAI

    Application Integration is achieved by one side accessing abstract SWITCHgate services, each request is transformed and propagated to the target system. Response from target system is transformed and returned to requestor.

    Supports both synchronous and asynchronous access patterns. Support both one-to-many (mediation) and many-to-one (federation) integration patterns.

    SWITCHgate provides physical and semantic separation between the external systems it mediates. Supports transactions, provides transactional consistency even in asynchronous integration.

Praxa delivers SWITCHgate middleware solutions directly to Telecom clients or in partnership with equipment suppliers and other OSS/BSS solution providers

Praxa delivers SWITCHgate middleware solutions directly to Telecom clients or in partnership with equipment suppliers and other OSS/BSS solution providers.

Praxa collaborates with stakeholders and domain experts

Praxa collaborates with stakeholders and domain experts to design and implement the optimal SWITCHgate solution.

24x7 Monitoring and Support

24×7 remote monitoring and support.


At Vodafone, we have been using the SWITCHgate system developed by Praxa for well over a decade. During this time we have had a number of changes to our underlying network technologies, as well as multiple product changes. Praxa have responded to all of these changes with prompt and reasonable estimates, and the delivery of these changes has been faultless. Throughout these changes the team at Praxa were involved in discussions as to implementation strategies, and always provided clear thinking regarding potential issues.

Support for the SWITCHgate system has been excellent, with most issues being detected and resolved before our internal service desks are aware of any problems. We are very pleased with the relationship we have with Praxa, and don’t hesitate to recommend them as a partner.

Dr. Mark Byrne
Manager, System Integration and Networks
Vodafone New Zealand
Vodafone New Zealand


SWITCHgate Solution Features and Benefits

SWITCHgate is a component based solution infrastructure. Praxa implements each solution by configuring a selection of process components.

  • Metadata based service definition and provisioning actions
  • Transport independent messaging infrastructure integrated with metadata
  • Generic component based architecture
  • Fully orchestrated solution layout and choreographed individual component behavior.
    Scalable, flexible and agile solution, designed to continually evolve to accommodate new services, changes to existing services, processing rules, interface protocols, number of network elements etc.
  • Variety of generic application interfaces to provision the defined services eg. custom messaging, web services, xml/http, JMS, batch files etc.
  • Handle multiple services in a single SWITCHgate solution
  • Provision different services on the same network element
  • Provision same service on disparate network elements
  • Concurrent replication of single provisioning request on multiple disparate network elements
  • High transaction throughput exceeding 1000 transactions/sec per session. Higher throughput can be achieved by running multiple sessions.
  • Configurable transaction management – rules for success/failure assessment, automatic recovery and retry, manual intervention, ability to change component behaviour on the fly etc.
  • Multiple processing modes – online, batch, store & forward, publish & subscribe etc.
  • Distributable solution, Disaster Recovery (DR) integration, Redundancy with master slave configuration options
  • Full transaction history, transaction search and viewing tools
  • Online admin and remote monitoring
  • Provides the necessary physical and semantic separation between upstream and downstream systems
  • Promotes efficient operation and utilisation of network and IT assets
  • Simplifies system integration by using generic interfaces
  • Delivers robust, secure and low maintenance operation.
  • Simplifies continuous incremental upgrades to address changing requirements, and to maintain optimal functionality in synch with requirements.
  • Improves reliability with configurable transaction management and recovery capability
  • Reduces time to market for new services or changes
  • Reduces solution implementation effort with tools for testing, data conversion, bulk loading etc.
  • Regular upgrades and refinements to infrastructure components are made available to clients at no cost.
  • Maximises ROI
  • Custom built performance at prebuilt cost – reuse of versatile configurable components allows design and implementation of ‘perfect fit’ tailored solutions.
  • Low cost and quick turnaround – solution implementation only requires design and configuration. The SWITCHgate test harness and tools also reduce delivery overheads.
  • Allows phased implementation with simple a solution during feasibility phase, with seamless increase in functionality as service goes to production and as usage picks up.
  • Function rich solution components deliver added functionality at no extra cost.
  • High solution reliability minimises down time and associated costs.
  • Long production life of implemented solution that can easily evolve with changing requirements, equipment upgrades, OSS/BSS changes etc.
  • Low maintenance cost – sophisticated diagnostics, automated monitoring, allows system configuration changes on the fly.


For further information, contact us with your enquiry, preferably with a requirements outline to focus on specific issues. Praxa can also provide a one-on-one briefing by appointment.